Maximilian Günther supports disadvantaged and traumatised children and young people

Maximilian Günther supports disadvantaged and traumatised children and young people and donates 30,000 US dollars to a good cause. The 22-year-old selected Verena Heinrich’s foundation, which supports young people who are disadvantaged or traumatized by a difficult social environment, serious illnesses, mental or physical disabilities.

After his victory in the pro class of the virtual motorsport championship “The Race All-Star Series”, the BMW i Andretti Motorsport driver decided to donate the prize money to a charitable institution. Since he had already become aware of the impressive work of Verena Heinrich and her team some time ago, the decision was quickly made as to which charity the donation should go to.

Maximilian Günther: “I am very happy to be able to support Verena Heinrich’s foundation. I greatly admire her commitment and her work. Many children and young people grow up under very difficult conditions or are traumatized. Verena Heinrich and her colleagues help the children and young people to lead a happy and normal life again. I have great respect for this project, which I am very happy to support!”

Verena Heinrich: “The foundation and our sponsored children and young people say a thousand thanks from the bottom of their hearts to Maximilian Günther for so much commitment! In order to keep our projects going, we are more than ever dependent on our sponsors and supporters, because many planned fundraising campaigns and events will unfortunately not be able to take place this year. All the more we are happy about the great donation of Maximilian Günther. With the money we can now finally realize one or the other project, which we would have had to put on hold due to the Corona crisis.”