Maximilian Günther und Robert Kless, IFAW Country Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Maximilian Günther appointed as Ambassador of the International Fund for Animal Welfare

Maximilian Günther is appointed as Ambassador of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and supports animal welfare and environmental protection. He is committed to a more conscious, sustainable life in harmony with wildlife and nature in order to counteract climate change. The IFAW is a global non-profit animal and species protection organisation that campaigns for the better coexistence of animals and humans. It rescues and cares for animals, returns them to the wild and preserves and protects their natural habitats.

With a strong network of dedicated people, the IFAW has been able to save more than 275,000 animals worldwide in the last 20 years. World-renowned primatologist and anthropologist Dr Jane Goodall and actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio use their fame to raise awareness about the importance of animal and nature conservation and other urgent issues such as climate change.

As an animal and nature lover, the protection of endangered species and the world’s oceans lies particularly close to Maximilian Günther’s heart. He grew up in the Allgäu region and has been very connected to nature from an early age. He regularly uses his home environment at the foot of the Bavarian Alps as an outdoor training ground and retreat to recover from his fast-paced everyday life as a racing driver. Therefore, it is a pressing concern for him to draw attention to the problems of climate change and to encourage the population to rethink their daily actions.

The Nissan e.dams driver wants to use his participation in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship to make people aware of the consequences of climate change for animals, the environment and future generations. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is considered an ideal platform for environmental protection as it is also committed to climate protection and focuses on sustainable, renewable technologies.

Maximilian Günther, Nissan e.dams Driver: “It is a great honour for me to be an ambassador of the International Fund for Animal Welfare for the protection of animals and the environment. I appreciate and support the IFAW because I am very impressed by its passionate work in this area. Playing my part in this matter makes me very proud. I care very much about the welfare of animals and our nature and I think it is our task to counteract climate change. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is a racing series that focuses on sustainable, renewable technologies and it is the perfect platform to make people aware of the importance of conservation. Each and every one of us needs to take responsibility and do our personal part to live a sustainable, environmentally conscious life. We have to start now so that the earth remains livable for future generations.”

Julika Riegler, Deputy Head of Communications and Brand Marketing at IFAW: “Driven by bold thinking, smart action and unexpected connections, the IFAW is pleased to welcome Maximilian to the team. For any industry, conservation should be a top priority and Formula E is following this path. We thank Maximilian for taking this commitment a step further and using his voice as an IFAW Ambassador to protect animals, people and their habitats.”