After win in race 1: again on the podium

Tight duels – lots of fun

A win that was some time coming: Marvin Dienst (17, Germany, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) has won the second race of the Formel ADAC weekend at the Lausitzring. The 17-year-old converted his pole position on Sunday morning into a second win of the season. Dienst’s team, Mücke Motorsport competing under the aegis of the ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., had double reason to celebrate as Maximilian Günther (16, Germany, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) finished second to secure them a one-two victory in their home race. Mikkel Jensen (19, Denmark, Neuhauser Racing) was meanwhile claiming his third podium in a row.

“I’m really pleased about this victory,” said Dienst after making his second podium appearance at the Lausitzring. “It’s a very special feeling to be celebrating a Mücke one-two with Maximilian on our team’s home circuit.” In the first race on Saturday, he was unable to make his pole position count against the eventual race winner, team-mate Günther. This time, everything went according to plan for Dienst. Starting from pole once again, he built up a lead on his pursuers over the first few laps and eventually crossed the line 1.3 seconds ahead of ADAC Sports Foundation protégé Günther.

While Dienst’s win was not in any danger, Günther had to fight hard for second place. Starting from third on the grid, last year’s championship runner-up soon overtook Jensen to move into second. The current championship leader wasn’t to be shaken off, however, and continued to apply pressure until the ninth lap when he re-passed Günther on Turn 1. Günther’s counterattack followed one lap later at the same place, as he forced Jensen into a small error, overtook him and then hung on to second place through to the end of the race.

Maxi’s comment after the race: “Once again, a very good race for me. Right at the start, I was able to push past Mikkel and attack Marvin for the lead. It was a tight race against Mikkel, but the fights were always fair and a lot of fun. He went past me first, but I immediately clung on and tried to work out the sections of the track on which I was faster. Fortunately, I was able to get past again and ultimately cross the finish line ahead of him. Today we had a car capable of winning, but because of all the jostling for position behind Marvin, he was quickly out of reach. Consequently, I focused on securing second place ahead of Mikkel and notching up more points in the championship.”

Foto: ADAC Formel Masters